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Potential Earnings


The above graph shows the expected sales and income progression for an average performing franchisee in their first five years of operating their business. We of course need to issue appropriate caution as these are not guaranteed figures. Please note that they are not over-cooked or exaggerated.

These figures represent steady growth and average net returns. The actual results for a new franchise will be subject to a number of factors. If you choose to explore this opportunity further with us we will of course want to cover the factors we believe you need to consider when reviewing how likely you are to achieve the above.

Significant factors that will affect how well you perform include your own abilities and effort. Another major factor affecting how much you draw from the business will be how well you manage your costs balanced against onward investment in developing your business.

Our first franchisees have actually performed better than this. Our best performing franchisee produced gross revenue of £275,000 in their first year and £700,000 in their second year.

Another thing to be mindful of in building your franchise is that you will not only have the opportunity to build a healthy income for yourself but also be building equity in your business. A common method of valuing businesses is multiples of net income (EBITDA). We have not yet re-sold a franchise business but we would expect a mature business to sell for 3 or 4  times net income (EBITDA) which is likely to mean something between £350k and £500k.

The key to maximising the potential earnings when you sell your business is to build it right in the first place. This represents a really exciting income opportunity for any business owner.