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Are you right for us? Are we right for you?

There’s a lot to consider when buying a franchise business. One of the biggest factors to consider is who you plan to partner with. You’ll need to satisfy yourself that we’re a credible organization and that our franchise offering is a robust one. We will want to make sure you have the skills, attributes and resources to get the most out of your franchise area.

You’ll get a better feel for whether we’re the right people to partner with when you start talking to us. We hope our web site does a pretty good job of explaining what the franchise opportunity is all about and the main things you need to bring to the table in terms of resources, skills and experience. If the details we provide in the website interest you sufficiently then we suggest you make contact and we can arrange an initial conversation on the telephone with a view to setting up a meeting or attending one of our discovery days.

Are you right for us?

  • You will need to be an

    ambitious person

    who will be unswerving in pursuit of growth targets. There will be minimum performance standards built in to your franchise agreement which you will need to attain.

  • You will also need to be

    totally committed to delivering customer service excellence

    and to making sure you fully comply with the systems we have developed. If you don’t think you can avoid cutting corners, Fosse Healthcare is not for you. Your franchise business will subject to regular audits. The Healthcare industry is heavily regulated. While our franchise businesses are not regulated by any external bodies (such as the Care Quality Commission aka CQC) we are nonetheless impacted by this regulation as we need to ensure our clients are compliant when using our agency workers. On top of that you will need to maintain high service standards in order to secure and retain business.

  • You must be

    willing to work hard.

    This is an exciting, fast-paced and potentially very lucrative business opportunity. It’s not for the feint-hearted, it’s not easy and particularly in the first year or two, you will be tired a lot!

  • You will always need to

    be closely involved in your business until you sell it.

    This is also not a business that you’ll be able to build and run at arm’s length.

  • You must have

    really good people skills

    and have the

    ability and willingness to consistently sell

    the services of your Fosse Healthcare business.

A final thing to mention is that your Fosse Healthcare franchise is not a platform for you to outwork your entrepreneurial creativity. The power of franchising comes from rigidly following the systems and policies that form the franchise system. There is a cumulative impact on the brand which all franchisees benefit from through all businesses committing to following the protocols exactly. It’s one of the things that made McDonald's great and it’s something that we insist upon. A Fosse Healthcare franchise is right for you if you’re keen on making decent money and willing to operate the business as we show you how to.

Are we right for you?

As you consider the Fosse Healthcare franchise opportunity further you will want to make sure you’re going to be happy working with us. We’ll answer any questions you have to help assure you that we are a stable organisation with a strong background.

  • Take a look at the Meet the Team section and consider the various people that make up the senior team. Hopefully you’ll conclude that there is a

    huge amount of experience within healthcare, recruitment and franchising.

    We have built our team in order to have real strength in depth to ensure our whole operation, including our franchised businesses, are well supported.

  • When you speak to us you should ensure you are clear about what you will and will not receive in terms of support. Our objective is to

    ensure you are well trained initially

    the training academy along with the support you’ll receive over the first few months. After that you’ll receive

    regular phone calls and visits

    from time to time to help you move your business forward. We will of course always be on hand to answer questions or help you with any difficulties.

  • The franchise model is under

    continuous development

    with respect to best practice, technology, compliance and general improvements. We will work with you to help you adapt to these changes as they arise.